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The Red Nation Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

Journalist @Vinncent talks about his book, The Jakarta Method: Washington's Anticommunist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our World (2020), which details the history of the Indonesian extermination program against communists & its roots in settler colonialism in the Americas.


Jun 27, 2020

Unlocked from behind the paywall 

Nyla Matuk talks about the volume of First Nations poetry she edited, Resisting Canada: An Anthology of New Poetry (2019), and the ongoing and intertwined legacies of Canadian, US, and Israeli settler colonialism. This episode was released in remembrance of the Nakba (the...

Jun 22, 2020

Filmmaker & journalist Dominique Remy (@CanaryFilmmaker) talks about "pre-existing conditions" of white supremacy that structures Black, Indigenous, & Latinx reproductive health.

Support her film:


Jun 16, 2020

In light of the Black-led revolt, Devyn Springer (@HalfAtlanta), journalist and host of the Groundings podcast, talks race, class, decolonization, and so much more.


Jun 15, 2020

Settler fascist militias are on the rise, targeting Black and Indigenous people in New Mexico. Follow @abq161 for updates on NM anti-fascist organizing.

Read our statement on #BlackLivesMatter: 

Free Clifton White, the Black organizer...